What does summer taste like? Is it the salty snap of a hot dog? The creamy balm of strawberry ice cream? The tart-sweet burst of a handful of blueberries?

One of our New York Times Cooking editors recently described the linguine recipe below as “a pasta that tastes like summer,” and I found myself hungry for it instantaneously. If you, too, crave recipes like this, we have a whole collection just for you: Bright and Beautiful Summer Pastas. (It includes one of our all-time greatest NYT Cooking recipes: Melissa Clark’s creamy corn pasta with basil, with nearly 8,500 ratings and five stars.)

What are you making? Do you have summer cooking requests? Write to me at dearemily@nytimes.com. It’s always good to hear from you.

This vibrant stir-fry from Christian Reynoso is Chifa cooking — the cuisine that commingles Chinese and Peruvian elements — and it’s utterly delicious. Slices of steak are tumbled with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and French fries in a garlicky chile-lime-soy sauce.

Carolina Gelen’s simple, extraordinarily creamy, garlic-forward beans are a brilliant pantry staple mash-up. No pasta, just beans and lots of garlic. This recipe has five stars and rapturous comments.

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Here’s an easy technique from Kia Damon that delivers giant flavor. This Cajun-style chicken may be one of the most useful staples to keep in your fridge; it can be sliced to drape on salads (like a Caesar), tossed with pasta, tucked into sandwiches or nontraditional tacos or served on its own with rice and greens.

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