In “Virtuoso” (January 26, 2000), the Doctor meets a species that never invented music, and he is happy to show off his opera skills to them. Very briefly, he impresses a woman named Tincoo (Kamala Lopez-Dawson). Not much came from this relationship, but it’s worth noting. 

In “Body and Soul” (November 15, 2000), the Doctor shunts his consciousness into the body of Seven of Nine using her Borg implants. As Seven, the Doctor developed a rapport with a hologram-hating woman named Jaryn (Megan Gallagher). Meanwhile man named Ranek (Fritz Sperberg) is attracted to Seven/the Doctor. Seven, meanwhile, objects to the Doctor using her body to flirt. She disallows any romance or sex to take place while she and the Doctor are sharing a body.

And finally, in the show’s final episode, “Endgame” (May 23, 2001), the series flashed forward several years to a time when the U.S.S. Voyager had returned to Earth, and the Doctor had become a man-about-town with his own wife, a woman named Lana (Amy Lindsay). Sadly, that episode involved time travel and parallel timelines, so it’s likely that Lana was erased when Janeway began mucking around with causality. And, yes, “Voyager” beat “Avengers: Endgame” to the punch with its title, and also its story which involved going back in time and confronting a time-traveling villain. 

How rude.

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