Logan’s traumas stemming from his powers go back long before he was ever ensnared by the Weapon X program, dating back to his 19th century childhood in Canada. The 2001 comic miniseries “Origin” by Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada, Paul Jenkins, and Andy Kubert revealed Logan’s troubled upbringing. After going on the run following the reveal of his bone claws, the only person to show Logan any kindness was his childhood friend Rose. However, like so many people in Wolverine’s life, this innocent friendship and unrequited romance would be tragically cut short.

To make money quickly to support him, Rose, and Rose’s love interest Smitty, Logan began fighting in underground cage fights. During a scuffle with his vicious half-brother Dog, who spent his life tracking Logan for killing their father, Rose is pushed into the fray by the crowd around them. This coincides with Logan drawing his bone claws, with Rose fatally impaled on them in the unruly confusion. The guilt from murdering Rose drives Logan into a feral fugue state and he lives in the Canadian wilderness for a prolonged period.

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