Lucy Liu was honored with the Gold Legend award at 2024’s Gold Gala, which was organized by Gold House and celebrates Asian and Pacific Islanders in entertainment, business, sports, and more.

“I love that we are all here tonight because there is no ceiling. And I’ve never seen that for myself and I want to all collectively to understand how special this moment is that we are as a community,” Liu said in her acceptance speech. “I share this award with you because you have lifted me up, given me strength. You have made me so proud.”

Liu’s breakout role was in 1997’s Ally McBeal, where she played Ling Woo. The actress recalled the minimal diversity there was in Hollywood at the time.

“I feel like it’s been very lonely and I wish so much that there was more encouragement from my family, because just a little bit goes so long in where you’re going, in your journey,” she said. “It’s hard when you’re the first person in the room; when you’re the only person that is different. And we are here now and we are collectively special because of that.”

Liu joked that she had originally turned down the award, adding, “because it was probably childhood trauma, like you don’t deserve it [or] you didn’t earn it. But I’m here because of this community.”

The actress was presented with the ward by Regina King, who directed Liu in the Netflix series A Man in Full.

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