Duke University’s commencement ceremony on Sunday saw dozens walk out in protest of guest speaker Jerry Seinfield, who has been a big supporter of Israel during the conflict in Gaza.

A group of students left their seats when Seinfeld began, with at least one carrying a Palestinian flag.

The remaining crowd cheered for Seinfeld, chanting, “Jerry! Jerry!” at the start of his talk. He was given an honorary degree from Duke. 

Reports indicate there were also scattered boos and shouts of “Free Palestine” heard.

Seinfeld has been a vocal supporter of Israel since the Oct. 7 attack.

He also met with families of the hostages and visited a kibbutz destroyed by the terror attack during a trip to Israel in December.

Seinfeld did not touch on the Gaza conflict during his speech at Duke. He told students to embrace hard work and what they love, according to WRAL News.

“Find something where you love the good parts and don’t mind the bad parts too much — the torture you’re comfortable with,” the comedian joked.

“This is the golden path to victory in life. Work. Exercise. Relationships,” he added.” They all have a solid component of pure torture, and they are all 1,000% worth it.”

The walkout was the only disruption to the commencement ceremony.

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