It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since “The Matrix” revolutionized both sci-fi and action in the same motion picture, but here we are. With a revival of the franchise on the way from “Cabin in the Woods” director Drew Goddard, there’s no better time to celebrate where it all began by putting Neo and Trinity on your shelf.

Both figures are posed in front of backdrops featuring the scrolling green text code that represents the Matrix itself. Neo is standing with his hand reached out to stop bullets, but I can’t help but be somewhat annoyed that we never see Neo in this outfit, in this pose, in the original movie. When Neo stops bullets towards the end of the movie, he’s not wearing his signature trenchcoat and sunglasses. It’s more of a look inspired by “The Matrix Reloaded,” but Neo sports a different outfit in the sequel. 

Meanwhile, Trinity’s figure has a slightly more accurate representation of a moment actually glimpsed in the movie. She’s leaping up for a slow-motion kung-fu kick against some unfortunate cops. However, in the movie, Trinity isn’t wearing her longer coat, which is fanned out in this figure’s pose. Even the box shows that Trinity isn’t wearing the long coat in that scene. Honestly, I’m wondering what McFarlane Toys was thinking by making these changes. Wouldn’t it just be better if we got figures from “The Matrix” that are on par with NECA’s versatile action figures?

Neo is limited to 8,500 pieces, while Trinity has significantly fewer with just 5,300 available. They’re both supposed to ship sometime in June.

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