If you thought the MCU and all of its various alternate universes were complicated enough, look no further than the sheer chaos of the original “X-Men.” The franchise infamously took silly concepts like “continuity” and “canon” and threw them out the window from movie to movie, contradicting previously established lore like it was a competitive sport. There was the timeline established by the 2000 film, which first introduced us to Jackman’s Wolverine and led to an entire trilogy. Then a little disaster known as “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” came along and completely rewrote everything fans once thought they knew about the character’s backstory (not to mention botching the first live-action depiction of Reynolds’ Deadpool, which also had to be retconned pretty severely). “X-Men: Days of Future Past” attempted to make sense of this chronological nightmare, but really only made things worse. By the time “Logan” released, audiences simply had to accept that Logan’s swan song took place in a different alternate universe, completely unrelated to any of the prior movies.

So, with all that in mind, surely director Shawn Levy and his creative team wouldn’t throw yet another Wolverine variant at viewers … right?

Wrong! Early on in the trailer, it’s revealed that Deadpool has crossed paths with a Wolverine who “let down his entire world,” either causing or failing to prevent an apocalyptic event glimpsed in an unfamiliar-looking flashback. Between that, the presence of the Time Variance Authority, and the return to the Void featured in “Loki,” all signs point to an alternate-universe Logan who may not even have a timeline of his own to return to anymore — taking the character’s typical lone-wolf personality to a whole new extreme. No wonder the guy is so grumpy.

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