One of the things that makes the Pan case so compelling is Pan herself, who went from being a straight-A student to lying to her parents about her grades and forging documents in order to maintain that lie. There are hours of footage of her three extensive interrogations with Canadian law enforcement, and it’s fascinating to see her demeanor change as her story changes. This young woman who confidently lied about graduating high school, attending college, and doing an internship at a hospital initially thought that she would be able to lie to police just as easily, but eventually her stories all fell apart. Instead of college, she was mostly spending time with her on-and-off-again boyfriend, drug dealer Danny Wong. Her parents started to grow suspicious and reportedly her father Hann followed her to her internship one day, catching her in a lie. Shortly after that her continued relationship with Wong was discovered, leading to increased tensions in the Pan household. 

Over the course of police interrogations and investigation, they learned that Jennifer Pan and Wong hired a hitman and two of his associates to kill her parents in order for her to inherit their substantial wealth. Alleged hitman Eric Carty, along with Lenford Crawford and David Mylvaganam, went into the Pan home and made demands for money before shooting both Pan parents several times in the head, killing mother Bich and grievously wounding Hann. 

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