Many shonen animated movies struggle with having to balance their extensive continuity with also appealing to newcomers wanting a standalone film. This means a lot of them feel redundant, unnecessary, and inconsequential. Does this mean “Spy x Family: Code White” is essential to the canon? No. Will it be acknowledged by the following season? Probably not. Is it even canon? Who knows, and none of it matters. That’s because “Spy x Family” is anime’s answer to the sitcom, with each episode telling a standalone adventure mostly ignored by the next one. 

Since every episode is already an inconsequential side-story, the movie’s original script fits perfectly within the tone and format of the franchise. It’s no different from any of the anime or manga’s arcs. 

This means “Code White” is also the perfect introduction to “Spy x Family.” Given that there’s little in terms of continuity, newcomers need not watch the two seasons of the anime before watching the movie, because it spends enough time doing little introductions to the characters and the story. A narrator even explains the characters’ relationships to one another, while the story lets every character have a moment to shine, making it so newcomers can fall in love with the world and with this family.

Then there’s the story itself, which quickly goes from fun little family outing (or “ooting” as Anya would call it) to world-threatening stakes. It’s a contrived story, one with a significant plot element depending on Anya trying not to poop or she’ll die. It’s over the top, it’s silly, and it is perfectly in line with a sitcom movie. “Code White” has more in common with “The Brady Bunch Movie” or the “SpongeBob Movie” than with “One Piece: Red” or “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.”

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