Piller recalls a time when “Star Trek: The Next Generation” reruns were common and TV Guide was still widely read by millions, used for handy TV listings. TV Guide would often look over the week in television and write highlights of new and old shows that might be worth watching. They called their highlights Close-Ups. It seems that every time “Qpid” was rerun, TV Guide would point to it. Michael Piller liked that the episode was often singled out, but admitted that the whole Robin Hood thing was an afterthought. Piller said: 

“Every time it’s in TV Guide this episode gets a Close-Up. […] I’m not sure why. I just think we came up with the idea of a love triangle between Q, Picard, and Vash, and to bring her and Q together, which I thought was a great premise. But we couldn’t lick it. It came together in a meeting with Ira Behr, who had created Vash […]”

Ira Stephen Behr was a producer and writer on “Next Generation,” having written “Captain’s Holiday,” the notable episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Behr left “Next Generation” after a year because he felt there were too many guardrails in place that prevented him from being as creative as he wanted. There clearly was no bad blood, however, as Behr would go on to be the head showrunner of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” for which he wrote 53 episodes. He may have butted heads with Piller and Trek’s other head honcho Rick Berman, but they worked well together regardless. 

Behr was one of two credited writers on “Qpid,” although a lot of the concepts came from throughout the “Star Trek” offices. Piller recalls that it was longtime staff writer Brannon Braga who came up with the Sherwood angle. 

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