In the interview, McElhenney shares that the original concept for “Sunny” was actually “It’s Always Sunny on TV,” and that he wanted it to be the “anti-‘Friends,'” although he clarifies that he loves “Friends” and has seen every episode. However, he felt that something like “Friends” wasn’t exactly new, explaining that while the “Friends” theme song was “I’ll Be There For You,” he wanted to do the opposite:

“[‘Friends’] was telling the story of these friends who would always be there for each other and I thought maybe we could do a show that would be the opposite of that which would kind of fly in the face of what traditional television was understood to be which was you want to watch people you like and that they need to be likeable. Now I agree that you want to watch people you enjoy watching but that doesn’t mean you have to like them on a personal level, I mean you know Tony Soprano is a psychopath but we loved watching him, so I thought well maybe we can do a version of that in comedy and make these sort of awful sociopathic people enjoyable to watch…”

While it took the “Sunny” folks a little while to fully make the gang as lovable as they are hateable, making the show more than just a bunch of goofs about terrible people, it did find that groove and has been running for 16 seasons strong, with FX signed on for at least two more

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