“Pegasus” is roughly adapted from “Living Legend,” one of the few times “Battlestar Galactica” remade an episode of the original 1978 series. Moore said on the DVD commentary for “Pegasus” that he wanted to remake “Living Legend” since he first accepted the “Galactica” job. He made the story his own, though, adding the twist of Cain (played by Lloyd Bridges in “Living Legend”) being Adama’s superior and a woman. The show had previously gender-flipped the hot shot pilot Starbuck, played by Dirk Benedict in the original and then by future “Mandalorian” star Katee Sackhoff in the remake.

On “Trek,” Moore wrote two episodes featuring Ro Laren: “Disaster” and “The Next Phase.” But while he’d worked with Forbes before, he hadn’t reimagined Cain with her in mind, nor was she his first choice. Moore and co. looked at many different actresses for the part and chose Forbes from that sea of options. Like most of their casting choices, it was a good call.

One detail of Forbes’ casting that Moore appreciated was her relatively young age (she’s 18 years younger than Olmos and was only 40 when she first played Cain). This added dimension to Cain’s character; unlike the veteran Adama, she was a fast-tracked admiral who’d snapped when push came to shove.

As for Ro, with her “hot temper” and “rough edges” (as Forbes described her on the “Galacticast”), she would probably fit in better on Galactica than the Enterprise-D. After Ro defects to the Maquis in “Preemptive Strike,” Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes) observes to Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) that she seemed convinced she was doing the right thing. Cain shares that same sense of conviction. 

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