It’s not surprising, but Carpenter is right, of course. Michael Myers — for better and worse — is the glue that sticks the entire “Halloween” franchise together, returning over and over again as a man, a supernatural force of pure evil, and more.

But Godzilla takes things to a whole other level. Godzilla as a character is as malleable as the entire sci-fi and horror genres, capable of being used in any story and any situation to explore any theme — to great results. Just think of the variety of Godzilla movies, and how many portray the monster as a villain while others portray him as a hero (which John Carpenter thinks was a mistake). The King of the Monsters has been a savior, a villain, a superhero, a force of nature, a pure monster, a reminder of nuclear horror, a primordial being, an ancient dinosaur, and even a biblical god outside of space and time.

This is a character, an icon, who works in live-action, in tokusatsu man-in-a-suit form, and in animation with ease. Godzilla can be a terrifying monster in a serious dramatic film for adults and can also appear in a silly Saturday morning cartoon by Hanna-Barbera. Indeed, Godzilla is as versatile as Barbie.

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