Corbett played lawyer Beth Davenport in 33 episodes of “The Rockford Files,” and appeared in 3 “Rockford” TV movies after the show ended. An ally and on-and-off love interest for the titular detective, Corbett made a strong impression in the series and continued a fruitful acting career in the decades since. A year after the show ended, she starred in the occult creature feature “Jaws of Satan,” and she’s since appeared in movies ranging from the Angelina Jolie drama “Without Evidence” to Michael Sarnoski’s poignant 2021 film “Pig.”

On the small screen, Corbett has guest starred in memorable TV episodes, including the “Cheers” storyline in which Sam sets Diane up with a murderous ex-con, and a “Murder, She Wrote” episode involving a reporter who’s killed after questioning the reputation of a newspaper tycoon. Corbett also appeared in the Hulu series “Shrill” and played three different characters in the wacky comedy “Portlandia.”

Mostly, though, Corbett’s post-“Rockford” interests seem to lie in the theater world. The actress got her start in theater and has continued working on stage in recent decades, appearing in plays including “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” (she played Nurse Ratched!) and “Anna Karenina” while directing regional productions including “Bo-Nita” and “Not Madea.” According to a profile in PDX Monthly from 2011, Corbett at one point served as the artistic director at a theater program for underserved communities called the Haven Project.

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