The artist had already worked with Villeneuve multiple times before coming on board the film, beginning with 2013’s dark and tragic drama “Prisoners.” After that, the pair reteamed for “Sicario” and “Blade Runner 2049,” so when “Dune” was announced, he got the call asking if he was available.

“I was in London and doing ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ and every time I opened a newspaper, Bond was delayed,” Mowat explained. “No Time To Die” was initially postponed after original director Danny Boyle and co-writer John Hodge exited the project, and its planned April 2020 release was later pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie eventually hit theaters in September 2021, a month before “Dune.” Mowat told the outlet that his great working relationship with Craig and producer Barbara Broccoli made returning for the actor’s final Bond movie feel appealing, but ultimately, “it was the safe choice.” “I’ve never played it safe my whole life,” the artist intimated, noting that he “used to turn down TV because I thought if you’re going to do movies, you can’t do TV.”

So when the “Dune” team called, Mowat found himself thinking, “‘Well, maybe I am available.'” He recalled he was at some point told to expect a 5-month delay until he could work on “No Time To Die,” and in that time, he “sat there going, ‘Well, I could be doing ‘Dune.’ I’ve got to do this. I don’t have that many more years left; I’m in my fifties now.'”

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