Waddingham recently stopped by “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” where she shared that filming the waterboarding scenes had lasting effects:

“‘Thrones’ gave me something I wasn’t expecting from it, which was chronic claustrophobia. It was horrific. Ten hours of being actually waterboarded. Like actually. I’m strapped to a table with all these leather straps. I couldn’t lift up my head because I said that would be too obvious that it’s loose. I’m on my way back [from set] with grape juice all in my hair so it went purple, I couldn’t speak because the Mountain had his hand over my mouth while I was screaming and I had strap marks everywhere like I had been attacked.”

She went on to share that she saw someone else on set had been going through their own misery, “crawling through s***” on their elbows for days, and she said that it showed how everyone just wanted to give their best in a tough situation. She first opened up about the challenges of filming the waterboarding scene with Collider in 2021, noting that Headey was also uncomfortable, not wanting to pour liquid onto Waddingham’s face for hours at a time. It’s rough stuff that makes sense for the characters, who have nothing but enmity for one another, but is incredibly difficult for the actors. Waddingham even told Collider that she lost her voice from screaming so much during the torture sequence and “could barely speak.” 

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