In a theory that’s persisted since “Prometheus” released in 2012, fans have posited that Meredith Vickers, played by Charlize Theron, is the second android on Weyland’s mission to meet their makers. The earliest roots of it seem to pop up on Stack Exchange, a popular forum, on the very weekend of the film’s release. It points to Idris Elba’s Janek needling her as a possible android, the male-only med device, and her contentious relationship with David (Michael Fassbender). The only problem is, it’s a terrible theory, based on vapors, that undermines one of the few clear themes of the film.

In actuality, Meredith is a harsh, ice-cold person whose hurts have been nurtured in her (nature vs. nurture, folks) by the dismissive and possibly misogynistic Weyland, who wanted a son so badly instead that he had one built. She’s meant to be the ironic mirror to the charming, warmer David, the apex of Scott’s “Blade Runner” and its more-human-than-human design philosophy. The creation of the son is one of Ridley’s little theological jokes that runs throughout the franchise (and a core theme of Scott’s spiritual follow-up, “Raised By Wolves”); David is thus parallel to the Engineers, who open the question of what of our evolution and faith is actually natural and real. Vickers is humanity at its most flawed. That’s all it is, gang.

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