Don’t let the simple lifestyle on Veldt fool you, however. The villagers of this moon are part of a thriving community with a deceptively complex and nuanced culture. Although neither of the “Rebel Moon” films have the time to really dig in and sink their teeth into the way of life on Veldt, author Peter Aperlo’s official art and making-of book does much to fill in the gaps and further enrich what we see on the screen. From breaking down the language and script used on Veldt to detailing the process of giving each background prop their own lived-in details to exclusive information on production design and fun little details that went into each particular set, this book has it all.

But for those of us who aren’t professional linguists and are more interested in visual factoids, the insightful book has us covered there, too. One such revelation involves a noodle bar on Veldt, showing off concept art created well before construction of the set, various posters hidden in the background, and even more language-based translations for those who struggle to keep up with their Duolingo streaks. 

“Rebel Moon: Wolf: Ex Nihilo: Cosmology & Technology” is available to order  right now.

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