Netflix has boarded a big screen adaptation of Spanish director Cesc Gay’s award-winning theatre play 53 Domingos, which he will direct.

The drama, exploring family relationships, follows three brothers who meet to discuss what to do with their octogenarian father, who has started showing strange behavior.

As they discuss whether to move him to a nursing home, or into one of their homes, the initially civilized family discussion degenerates into an unexpected and hilarious fight.

Confirmed cast include Carmen Machi (Piggy), Javier Cámara (Talk To Her) and Javier Gutierrez (Prison 77, The Daughter). 

Gay’s previous credits include international breakout Truman, the choral film Stories Not To Be Told and the TV drama Félix.

The Netflix announcement rounds out a trio of movie Spanish productions announced by the streamer this week.

The previously announced titles span alongside political thriller Un Fantasma en la Batalla produced by Society of Snow filmmaker J.A. Bayona and human thriller  La Desconocida, written by journalist and author Rosa Montero.

The latter revolves around an investigation into the identity of woman found in a container located in the Barcelona docks, with no memory of who she is or how she got there.

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