As long as Dourif can speak and horror fans still have an appetite for watching a freckle-faced doll kill people, he will continue to provide the voice of Chucky for the television series and any future movies. For Dourif, it’s a family affair. His daughter Fiona stars on the show, and he considers Don Mancini, who created the character in 1988 with the original “Child’s Play,” to be blood as well.

This should come as a relief to horror fans. The Chucky franchise has been one of the genre’s most reliably entertaining series. The movies were played fairly straight at first (at least, as straight as you can play movies about a serial killer stuck in the body of a child’s toy), but took a campy comedic turn with “Bride of Chucky” in 1998. The franchise has generally stuck with this tone, and Dourif has lost none of his vicious fervor in portraying the title character. And, really, if you can roll out of bed every day, hit the recording studio, and toss off macabre one-liners for a living, retirement sounds like a bore.

The day will inevitably come when Dourif moves on from Chucky, but, thankfully, it sounds like he’s committed to the role for the foreseeable future. And you can keep up with Chucky’s bloody antics right now, as the second half of the series’ third season just picked back up on SyFy and USA.

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