Apple has been working on several home products. Although the only few we have seen so far are a slew of HomePod models and new iterations of Apple TVs, the company is working on at least four main smart home products that could launch soon.

One is a HomePod with a display, which has been rumored for a few years. Most recently, X user Kosutami has been sharing images of what could be on the screen of this new product. On the social media platform, they posted: “New picture of the HomePod with display. Glossy, sick, just imagine.”

Although the HomePod already features a screen, this new generation would bring more interactions, such as pieces of information, songs, weather data, etc. Still, besides this new HomePod in the works, Apple is also working on a more sophisticated version, which other leakers have reported on.

For example, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman says Cupertino wants to create a “HomePod with a screen that swivels like a robotic arm.” The release date of this HomePod with an iPad-like display is unclear, but a version that could be magnetically attached to a wall was also possible.

Still, Bloomberg’s journalist believes that Apple hasn’t made enough advance to consider the release date of a HomePod with a screen imminent. Gurman’s sources tell him that Apple “continues to pursue this idea and has begun early work on it with overseas suppliers, including China’s BYD, which makes some iPad models.” That said, at the earliest, a product launch wouldn’t come until 2025.

Interestingly, in 2023, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple was readying a HomePod with a screen for the first half of 2024. The analyst believed it could feature a 7-inch display with Tianma manufacturing it. “The HomePod, which equips a panel, could enable tighter integration with Apple’s other hardware products, marking a significant shift in the company’s smart home strategy,” Kuo wrote.

Wrap up

While the ultimate goal would be for Apple to expand its HomePod lineup with more than small and bigger versions, I feel like a HomePod with a circular display could be a nice addition. However, a HomePod with an iPad-like screen could be the ultimate combo.

Imagine creating perfect recipes in the kitchen by watching a video on this product, talking to someone over FaceTime, or even watching your favorite video clip with better audio than on your iPhone.

This device could also be handy for controlling your home, such as seeing who’s in your front door, controlling the thermostat, performing automation, etc. Lastly, this HomePod with a screen could complement the sound experience with a pair of other HomePod models.

BGR will keep following the latest reports about this product.

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