Following the report of a revamped Notes app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users starting with iOS 18, Apple may be planning a big update for the Calculator app in macOS 15.

According to AppleInsider, Apple is working on its “Project GreyParrot” with new features and enhancements for the Calculator app, specifically on macOS 15. Besides the Math Notes function that has already been leaked with mathematical notation tools, the publication says macOS 15’s Calculator app will feature a new history tape, making it easier to access and use previous calculations.

The publication says there’ll be a dedicated button at the top left of the Calculator app on macOS 15 that will give users “the option to toggle the history tape from all three calculator views – basic, scientific, and programmer.”

The Calculator app will also resemble its iPhone version, according to the report. This could be the first redesign of the software since macOS 10 Yosemite. Another interesting feature I couldn’t believe wasn’t available is the ability to resize the app’s window without selecting a different calculator view.

AppleInsider reports, “When changing the size of the application window, the size of the individual buttons and number keys within the Calculator app increase accordingly, in versions of the software being tested internally. The buttons are said to change shape when the window is resized, adopting a pill shape when the application window is large, or shrinking down to circles with smaller window sizes, mimicking the look of the iPhone Calculator.”

Morpho ConverterImage source: Morpho

Besides these changes, the unit conversion will be even more intuitive with macOS 15, as it will incorporate unit conversion into the main user interface when enabled. Long story short, Apple wants to make its built-in app the ultimate software for anyone going from basic to pretty advanced calculation.

Personally, my favorite Unite Conversor app on the iPhone is Morpho. With up to 262 units and 170 currencies, Morpho Converter has any conversion measurement you might need. You can select your most used conversions to the home screen of your iPhone app, and it will also appear on your Apple Watch.

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