For some Marvel Comics context, Hank was the first Ant-Man before he gave his high-tech shrinking suit to Scott to continue his crimefighting work. This information was covered in detail in the films “Ant-Man,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” and “Avengers: Endgame.” Pym had developed the shrinking technology behind the Ant-Man suit (going so far as naming a rare subatomic particle after himself) and was no stranger to ultra-shrinking, weird tiny dimensions, and fighting superpowered baddies. Douglas, then, was prepared to face off against a supervillain like Kang and has several scenes in “Quantumania” where he fires laser guns and destroys enemies. It was Douglas’ hope, however, that Pym would meet his maker during one of those fights. He told the hosts of “The View”:

“This actually was my request for the third one. I said I’d like to have a serious [death], with all these great special effects. There’s got to be some fantastic way where I can shrink to an ant size and explode, whatever it is. I want to use all those effects. But, that was on the last one. Now, I don’t think I’m going to show up.”

It would have been fun to see Hank Pym shrink to the size of a molecule, then extract a blade and slice an atom, causing an atomic explosion. Perhaps that’s what Douglas meant when he said he wanted his character to shrink to the size of an ant and then explode.

Douglas has been open about the fact that he’s done playing Hank Pym and does not expect to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an enterprise that may well be on its last legs. If he does return, Douglas has said openly that Hank would have to come out on the other end really most sincerely dead.

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