Marvel Legends X-Men ’97 Action Figures Rule, But Could Use More Accessories

Let’s start with Storm and Bishop. They’re the first two X-Men to charge into battle in the opening sequence of the premiere episode of “X-Men ’97,” so it only makes sense to cover them first. As you can see, they’re both sporting their new haircuts, with Bishop rocking a much shorter cut and Storm donning a badass mohawk. Part of me wishes they would have provided alternate head sculpts with their original haircuts too, but since we don’t see them in “X-Men ’97,” I suppose their exclusion is justified.

While Storm has fabric for her cape, that’s honestly the only accessory that’s included with the figure other than two swappable hands. When you have a figure like Storm, it would be nice to have a stand included so that she can appear to be flying (the stand pictured above is from a different figure in my collection). It’s also a little baffling that she doesn’t come with a pair of electricity accessories to put in her hands. For all the weather-controlling Storm does, that’s the easiest accessory to include, and it’s kind of a signature move for her.

Meanwhile, Bishop is also a little lacking in the accessories. While he comes with the big gun that fits in the holster attached to his back (and swappable hands so he can hold the weapon on either side), there’s no time travel device included, and no blast effects to shoot out of the gun. But for me, the most missed feature is some kind of energy blast to shoot out of his hands, since that’s his principle super power. 

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