Christine Quinn’s Husband Denies Assault While Detailing Their Fight

“Mr. Dumontet did not throw the bag towards Ms. Quinn, or their son,” the filing read. “Additionally, there was no glass in the bag, as there was no broken glass in the room or anywhere in the house.”

Dumontet said he then asked his son to leave the room, but Quinn “grabbed the child by the arm and took him out” before baby Christian could make a move, per the docs. Alone in the room,¬†Dumontet said he went to work on his computer before Quinn returned,¬†with “Ms. Quinn asking Mr. Dumontet if he had finished making arrangements with the travel agent for their upcoming summer vacation.”

“Ms. Quinn then walked out of the room, and, within minutes, LAPD police officers stormed the bedroom with guns drawn,” the filing read, “ordering Mr. Dumontet out of the house without any time to gather any personal belongings, and while still in his bathrobe.”

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