The Cut Luke Line That Stumped Mark Hamill During His Star Wars Screen Test

In a lively 2018 conversation with Frank Oz at New York City’s 92nd Street Y, Hamill recalled auditioning with the scene where the Millennium Falcon approaches the Death Star for the first time (watch the video for Hamill’s spot-on impression of Alec Guinness’ “That’s no moon…” line). Hamill was flummoxed. As he told Oz, “I read this thing and I thought, ‘I don’t know what to make of it! I mean, is it serious? Is it like a parody? Is it like Mel Brooks?'” (How prescient, Mr. Hamill.)

The sledding got too rough for Hamill when he got to a line intended as a fiery rebuke of Han Solo’s reluctance to land his ship in the Death Star. Over 40 years later, Hamill can still vividly recall the dialogue:

“But we can’t turn back! Fear is their greatest defense! I doubt the actual security there is any greater than it was on Aquilae or Sullust, and what there is is most likely directed towards a large-scale assault!”

Yeah, that’s a mouthful.

Between the earnestness of Luke’s mini-speech and making, as Hamill called them, “these two BS names for planets that George made up” sound natural (something Lucas likely hadn’t taken into consideration), the up-and-coming actor was mortified that he’d bomb his screen test. So he brought his concerns to Lucas, which wound up not being the best idea.

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